In the last 15 years the cases of food allergies and intolerances have doubled worldwide. You probably know someone in your surroundings with food allergy or intolerance.
Food intolerance is when an individual suffers an adverse reaction after eating a certain food (affects metabolism but it is not severe).

Allergies, however, are a specific form of intolerance to a food or one of its components, which activates the immune system. They are usually inherited and identified early in life. Most allergic reactions to food are relatively mild, except for a small number of people who experience severe life-threatening reaction, known as anaphylaxis.

For this reason, in Smoofruit we are very careful with the ingredients we use in the development or creation of a new product and discard those foods that create more problems. Smoofruit contains no preservatives or artificial colors, we do not add any sugar or fat, it contains no gluten, no dairy, no traces of nuts. It only contains fruit.
So eat calm. Bless you!

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